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In the Matrix

For centuries the idea exists that there is a "field" in which basic information is stored by everything, a so-called matrix. In the theory of quantum physics, the matrix is ​​referred to as a zero-point-field or a morphogenetic field in which everything, that exists, is in the form of energetic units. For more information I refer at this point to the double-slit- experiment. For all is light and information.


As any reality can be described as energy or vibration, everything is available anytime, anywhere. In this sense, every required information and collective knowledge is available in the matrix and accessible to all of us.


The two-point method developed by Richard Bartlett and Dr. Kinslow's as a tool of matrix transformation helps to make all this information accessible. With its help one creates and realizes reality on a quantum level and experiences the effects of this change immediately in the presence. By the conscious decision to see something different, our old reality collapses: our view of the world and our place in it, which is considered self-evident, is changing and new possibilities are opening up. And that is pretty easy!


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