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Reiki and how to use it:

Originally coming from Japan's Buddhist tradition, Reiki is a simple yet profound alternative healing system. Reiki is translated as universal life energy and is transmitted through placement of the hands.


∙ is extremely effective in providing life energy to oneself and others.

∙ activates the self-healing powers, gives strength, energy and motivation.

∙ harmonizes the energetical system, releases blockages and detoxifies.

∙ provides a high energetic potential for self healing and body strengthening.

∙ is a simple tool to reduce stress and find inner peace.

∙ encourages insight, self - understanding and self - awareness through deeper contact

  with own feelings, patterns and desires.

∙ sensitizes to subtle energies.

∙ can be used as a supplement to medical treatment and to promote health, wellbeing

  and mental balance.

∙ requires little effort for success and is easy to learn for everyone

∙ is applicable to children, adults, animals, plants, objects, rooms, ...


Being a Reiki teacher of the Usui-System I offer individual sessions, 4-session-consultation, as well as teaching the system in form of initiation into the Reiki Grades I, II and III.