© 2020 by Nadja Ziller, Praxis für Verbesserung, Lübecker Str. 44, 10559 Berlin --- alles-geht-besser@gmx.de ---

Code of Conduct:

∙ The client's freedom of will remains untouched.


∙ I do not exert any pressure to start or continue consultations.


∙ The focus of my work is the effort to address clients with patience, empathy and discretion.


∙ I am conscious of my responsibility towards the client - in everything I say, do and refrain.


∙ I keep silence about the course of the session and all that is entrusted to me.


∙ I ask my clients not to put their hope on me alone, but on their own healing powers and

  to dissociate myself expressively from being miraculous. This term implies hope for an  

  immediate, complete recovery.


∙ I see myself as a companion, devoted to the holistic 'salvation' of the client, but I give no

  promise of it!

∙ I point out that all services I offer are meant to activate the selfhealing powers and do not

  replace the work of a  doctor and / or medical practitioner or any other therapist.