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Shiatsu is a recognized method of holistic bodywork from Japan basing on traditional chinese medicine. The Shiatsu method assumes that the body containes power trains, the meridians, in which the universal life energy Ki circulates. If this energy can flow freely, the individual is physically and mentally balanced, healthy and open for continuous growth and development.


Shiatsu means "finger or thumb pressure", which is applied in sense of attentive touch, concentrated sinking in and holding the body by fingertips, handlebars, elbows, knees or feet. Shiatsu includes fascinating methods to bring Ki back into flux, in that manner

vitalizing techniques, joint mobilizations and gentle stretches are used.

The attitude of having no intention brings out the whole magic of Shiatsu and can direct a session in a meditative direction.


Shiatsu is suitable for people of all ages as its adapted to the individual needs and wishes of all clients. The great potential of Shiatsu lies in prevention, activation of self-healing powers and an increasing in the physical well-being, as well as in vitality.

Shiatsu is mostly executed on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothes.

I charge a fee of 60 € for one hour, within financial capabilities it is possible to ask for a social price.