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"In both Zen and Shiatsu, we are dealing with something that we cannot explain reasonably, but that we have to experience with our whole being."          - Shizuto Masunaga, Founder of Zen-Shiatsu -




Shiatsu is a Japanese method of holistic bodywork based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Asian teaching assumes that the body contains energetic trains, the meridians, in which the universal life energy Ki circulates.


Meridians are an expression of the living forces in us and should not be understood as defined lines, but as spaces that are subject to constant change depending on the life situation. They point the way to what needs special attention in our lives and carry the knowledge for self-regulation and self-healing. Various aspects of our vitality are evident there: how we are in resonance with our environment, where our potential and needs lie.


Shiatsu is about moving the Ki and giving the body more space, elasticity and freedom of movement. When Ki can flow freely again, the individual is physically and mentally balanced, healthy and open to continuous growth and development.


Shiatsu means "finger or thumb pressure", which is exerted in the sense of an attentive touch. As practitioner, I work with my fingertips, palms, elbows, knees or feet in a focused and attentive manner and lean with my weight to get Ki flowing again and to give the body more lightness, as well as using vitalizing techniques, joint mobilization and gentle stretchings. The attitude of unintentionality reveals all of Shiatsu's magic and can steer a session in a meditative direction.


Shiatsu is suitable for people of all ages because it is tailored to the individual needs of all clients. The great potential of Shiatsu lies in prevention, relaxation, activation of self-healing powers and an increase in physical well-being and vitality.


Shiatsu is always clothed and carried out on a futon.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

The fee for this is € 70 for one hour, depending on the financial options, a social price is possible on request.